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Adhesives & Sprays

Explore high-strength bonding and specialised sprays for industrial applications. Find solutions for corrosion, lubrication, and more. Curated for excellence and sourced from industry leaders. Elevate your projects with superior adhesion.

Activators & Solvents

For seamless dissolutions, our range of Activators & Solvents are essential companions for all your chemical processes!


Truloc Superset adhesives are high speed one component curing materials which are increasingly being specified by manufacturing engineers for their simplicity and ease of use. Superset adhesives can bond in seconds metal, wood, plastics, rubber and a wide variety of other materials.


Epoxy Adhesives

Bond with confidence using our Epoxy Adhesives! Formulated for strength and versatility. 

Paints & Coatings

TYGRIS VariSpray paint is a professional formulation paint developed for the effective finishing of treated and untreated materials such as metal, aluminium, glass, stone and various types of plastics whilst providing beneficial features for the user. The VariSpray corrosion preventative formulation stands it apart from typical paints and provides the protection required to ensure a long lasting finish.

The TYGRIS Paints & Coatings range has been created to serve a variety of industries, so whether you are looking for an aerosol for Line Markings to apply semi-permanent markings to most hard surfaces, inside or outside, or perhaps Spray Paint with a high-temperature range which is suitable for use on engine blocks, exhaust manifolds, brake drums, wood burning stoves, boiler flue pipes and in many other instances.


Engineered for stability and precision, our Retainers ensure the secure positioning of components in diverse applications.

Sealing & Gasketing

Create resillient barriers against leaks and environmental factors with Sealing & Gasketing. Trust in durable sealing solutions with Signet!

Truloc Superseal gasket products permits the replacement of conventional gaskets on rigid parts with instant self seal forming gaskets. These compounds are superior to air dry gasket compounds because they do not shrink during curing. Superseal thread sealant enables engineers to achieve a durable pressure proof seal by the simple application of the sealant to threaded parts.

Structural Adhesives

Create robust bonds on a variety of materials with Structural Adhesives. Formulated with exceptional strength and durability. 


Threadlockers are the ideal solution for fastener security. These liquid adhesives, applied to mating threads, create a robust bond that prevents nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners from loosening over time. Ensuring lasting clamp load, threadlockers provide a reliable and efficient way to secure assemblies.

TRULOC 355 Green wicking grade, to lock pre-assembled parts and seal metal porosity.
TRULOC 360 Green wicking grade, to lock pre-assembled parts and seal metal porosity.
TRULOC 370 Blue low viscosity for fine threads and small diameter fasteners.
TRULOC 375 Blue high viscosity nut grade for larger gap filling, oil tolerant.
TRULOC 395 Purple general purpose screw grade. Lubricating effect on assembly.
TRULOC 397 Green large tolerance grade thread lock and sealant.
TRULOC 399 Red high strength, high temperature (+230°C) thixotropic thread lock.

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Food Grade

PROTEAN, essential nutrition for industry, is the latest product range to be launched by TYGRIS and the successful culmination of 18 months intense focus and commitment, extensive research & development, significant end-user engagement and a determination to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles.

The PROTEAN range has been created to serve a variety of industries, so whether you are looking for an Electrical Cleaner to clean or grease your electrical components or perhaps Greases that will offering enhanced anti-wear performance for prolonged component life, or even Sugar Dissolving Fluid to rapidly dissolve sugars and fondant, we've got it here with TYGRIS!

Industrial Aerosols

TYGRIS have developed a comprehensive range of Aerosols which are designed to deliver performance, reliability, efficiency, confidence and convenience in easy-to-use spray formulations. With infinite appeal, every product is designed to do the job, first time, every time, helping TYGRIS to continue to fulfil the Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting needs of industry.

The TYGRIS aerosol range has been created to serve a variety of industries, so whether you are looking for an Automotive Aerosol to clean or protect your vehicle or perhaps line marking spray paint and applicators to give long lasting accurate markings or even plastic moulding sprays to help keep your machinery in perfect working order we've got it here.


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