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Signet is a trusted partner of Nord Drivesystems, a leading global provider of mechanical and electronic drive technology. Renowned for its robust design, exceptional efficiency, and innovative solutions, Nord drives power to a wide range of industrial applications.


How Does it Work?


An in-depth measurement is performed to identify usage patterns and anomalies, leading to a more accurate assessment of potential energy savings.


The data is then analysed based on consumption, utilisation, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to help you find the most efficient motor option, considering both environmental impact and cost savings.


Implementing the recommended Nord motor can provide a range of benefits, including reduced CO₂ emissions, lower energy consumption, streamlining production, and saving overall costs.

Signet and Nord - A Partnership for Success


By leveraging the combined expertise of Signet and Nord Drivesystems, you can achieve optimal performance, reduce your environmental footprint, and score significant cost savings. 

Contact Signet today to discuss how the Nord Eco Box service can help your business thrive.

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