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Explore our range of hand saws tailored for industrial applications. Designed for reliability and precision, our hand saws are essential tools for a variety of cutting tasks. Crafted with durability in mind, these saws offer a sturdy solution for on-site use. Choose from our selection, including jab saws for detailed work or japanese pull saws for quick cuts. Whether you're working in construction, woodworking, or maintenance, our hand saws deliver consistent performance and durability. Trust in the quality of our tools to meet the demands of your industrial projects, providing the precision and efficiency you need for every cut.

All Purpose Saws

Our range of All Purpose Saws are incredibly versatile and suitable for cutting through hardwood and softwood. 


Bowsaws, essential tools for outdoor enthusiasts and woodworkers alike, epitomise efficiency in manual cutting. Characterised by a narrow, tapered blade held in tension by a bow-shaped frame, bowsaws excel in precision and versatility. Ideal for pruning branches, shaping wood, or crafting intricate designs, these saws offer controlled, clean cuts. Their ergonomic design ensures user comfort during prolonged use. Available in various blade lengths and tooth configurations, bowsaws accommodate diverse cutting needs, from fine woodworking to heavy-duty tasks. Lightweight and portable, bowsaws are an essential addition to any toolkit, seamlessly blending reliability with ease of use for a wide array of cutting applications.

Compass Saws

Compass Saws effortlessly navigate intricate curves and contours. Whether crafting intricate designs or making precision cuts, compass saws offer unparalleled control. Their slender, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating extended use without fatigue. With a range of blade lengths and tooth configurations, compass saws cater to various woodworking demands. Discover our full range of Compass Saws below.

Concrete & Masonry Saws

Concrete and masonry hand saws are specialised tools tailored for manual cutting through robust construction materials. Designed with diamond-tipped blades, they efficiently cut materials like concrete, brick, and stone by hand. Renowned for durability, these hand saws excel in demanding construction sites, providing precise and clean cuts. Their ergonomic design prioritises operator comfort, allowing optimal control during challenging tasks. With their portable and hand-operated nature, these saws offer versatility for on-site applications, such as creating wall openings or shaping concrete blocks manually. Concrete and masonry hand saws are indispensable for efficiently addressing robust cutting requirements in manual construction tasks in the UK.

Coping Saws

Characterised by a thin, narrow blade stretched between a U-shaped frame, Coping Saws are specifically designed for intricate and detailed cutting tasks. The fine-toothed blades excel in navigating curves and tight corners, making coping saws ideal for shaping joints, mouldings, and intricate designs in wood. 

Dovetail Saws

Dovetail saws are precision hand tools crafted for woodworking, particularly in the creation of dovetail joints. Designed for cutting hardwoods, they ensure clean and precise joints with minimal kerf. Dovetail saws typically have a rigid back, providing stability during use, and often feature a reinforced spine for added control. Their ergonomic handles enhance grip and control for intricate work.

Floorboard & Laminate Saws

Floorbard Hand Saws excel in making efficient and precise cuts in wooden floor materials. The extended blade facilitates work in confined spaces, ensuring accuracy during cutting. Floorboard saws commonly have a reinforced back for stability and teeth configured to swiftly and cleanly remove material. With an ergonomic handle for comfortable use, floorboard saws are essential for accurately fitting and adjusting floorboards, ensuring a seamless and precise finish in flooring installations across British construction and carpentry projects.

Fret & Piercing Saws

Piercing saws, also known as jeweller's saws, are specialised hand tools designed for intricate and precise cutting in various materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. These saws typically consist of a thin, straight blade held in a frame, allowing for delicate and detailed work. The fine teeth of the blade enable craftsmen to make intricate curved cuts, pierce holes, and undertake fine fretwork. Commonly used in jewellery making, model building, and other fine crafts, piercing saws provide exceptional control and accuracy. The adjustable tension and easy blade replacement features make them versatile tools for intricate cutting tasks that demand precision and finesse.


A hacksaw is a versatile tool designed for cutting a variety of materials, with its steel blade particularly effective on metals and plastics. Commonly employed for cutting pipes, conduits, and metal sheeting, it proves valuable in diverse applications. The blade is securely set within a frame made of steel or aluminium, and replacement is straightforward when wear occurs. 


Handsaws are fundamental manual cutting tools widely used in woodworking and construction. These versatile saws consist of a sharp-toothed blade affixed to a handle, allowing users to make controlled and precise cuts through various materials. Common types of handsaws include crosscut saws for cutting across the wood grain, rip saws for cutting along the grain, and panel saws for general-purpose woodworking. Designed for efficiency and accuracy, handsaws are indispensable for tasks ranging from cutting lumber to shaping intricate joints.

Insulation & Plastic Cutting Saws

They prove particularly useful in tasks such as trimming insulation panels, cutting plastic pipes, or shaping plastic sheets. The blades are often designed to reduce friction and prevent binding during the cutting process, ensuring smooth and controlled operation. With their ergonomic designs and optimised tooth configurations, insulation and plastic cutting saws are indispensable tools for achieving accurate and efficient results in projects involving insulation and plastic materials.

Jab Saws

Jab saws, also referred to as keyhole saws or plasterboard saws, are perfect for cutting holes in plasterboard for sockets and conduits. 

Japanese Saws

Japanese saws, often referred to as pull saws, represent a distinctive category of cutting tools known for their unique design and cutting technique. Unlike Western saws, Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke, which allows for greater control and precision.

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Junior Saws & Mini Hacksaws

Junior saws and mini hacksaws are compact cutting tools designed for precision and versatility in various applications. The term "junior saw" typically refers to a smaller-sized hand saw suitable for finer and more detailed work. These saws often feature a slender blade with fine teeth, allowing for precise cuts in smaller materials.

Tenon Saws

Tenon saws are a fine toothed saw for accurate fine work and primarily used for cutting tenons when making a mortise and tenon joint. Tenon saws come in various sizes with the more teeth per inch giving a finer cut for accurate working.

Toolbox Saws

A toolbox saw is a versatile and compact hand saw designed for general-purpose cutting tasks. This type of saw is a convenient addition to a toolkit, typically featuring a medium-sized blade with a set of teeth suitable for a variety of materials, including wood and plastic. Toolbox saws are characterised by their portability and ease of use, making them practical for on-the-go or DIY applications.

Veneer Saws

Veneer saws are specialised tools designed for precision cutting of thin veneer sheets used in woodworking and furniture making. These saws are engineered to make clean and accurate cuts, allowing craftsmen to work with delicate veneer materials without causing damage.


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