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Monitor & Test

Diagnose and maintain hydraulic system health. Signet offers a range of testing equipment to monitor pressure, flow rate, and fluid cleanliness. Ensure optimal system performance and prevent costly downtime with essential tools for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.

Industrial Filtration

Protect your fluid power systems and ensure peak performance. Signet offers a comprehensive selection of hydraulic and pneumatic filters, removing contaminants and extending equipment life. Find essential filter accessories for complete filtration solutions. Maximise system efficiency, minimise downtime, and operate reliably with Signet's industrial filtration.

Pressure Gauges

Signet offers a wide range of reliable pressure gauges for accurate monitoring of fluid pressure within your hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Choose from various sizes, styles, and pressure ranges to perfectly suit your specific needs.

Sight Glasses & Flow Switches

Signet offers essential tools for optimizing your fluid power systems. Sight glasses provide clear visual confirmation of fluid presence and movement, while flow switches electronically detect and signal changes in flow, enabling automated control and system optimisation.

Temperature & Pressure Switches

Ensure the proper functioning of your fluid power systems with Signet's temperature & pressure switches. These reliable devices monitor critical system parameters and trigger actions when thresholds are reached, preventing equipment damage and optimising performance.

Thermometers for Industry

Maintain optimal operating conditions within your fluid power systems with Signet's selection of industrial thermometers. Choose from various styles and temperature ranges to accurately monitor hydraulic and pneumatic fluid temperatures, helping prevent overheating and ensuring efficient system performance.


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