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Explore a comprehensive range of safety wear meticulously designed to prioritise worker safety and comfort. From hi-vis vests to flame-resistant coveralls, our safety wear plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of professionals across industries. 

First Aid Kits & Eye Wash

Essential First Aid Kits and Eye Wash solutions for comprehensive emergency preparedness. Our kits feature high-quality medical supplies, ensuring readiness for injuries, cuts, and burns. From bandages to sterile saline solutions, we prioritise safety and convenience for homes, workplaces, and travel. Swiftly respond to unforeseen situations, minimizing risks with our diverse selection of kits. Our specialised Eye Wash products offer quick and effective relief, flushing out contaminants and safeguarding vision. Ideal for various settings, choose from portable, user-friendly designs ensuring optimal eye hygiene and protection. 

Knee Pads

Protect Your Knees with Premium Workwear Knee Pads!

Discover the ultimate in comfort and safety with our selection of workwear knee pads. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, our knee pads are designed to keep you comfortable and protected during long hours of work.

Eye Protection

Equip your workforce with our safety glasses to enhance vision, mitigate risks, and promote a secure work environment. As your trusted industrial supplier, we deliver top-notch eye protection solutions designed for durability and performance. 

Ear Protection

Enhance auditory protection in industrial settings with our comprehensive range of ear defenders and ear plugs. Reliable solutions designed for optimal comfort and noise reduction. Safeguard your workforce against excessive noise, ensuring a focused and secure work environment with our premium ear protection products.

Face Masks

Explore a range of masks designed for comprehensive protection and comfort. These facemasks play a crucial role in shielding workers from airborne particles, harmful substances, and contaminants. 

Helmets & Bump Caps

Crafted for optimal fit and ergonomic design, these headgear essentials shield workers from airborne hazards with ease. From construction zones to industrial settings, our helmets prioritise reliability and versatility, meeting strict safety standards. Prioritise safety and comfort in the workplace with our Helmets & Bump Caps.


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Welcome to our online shop. We are suppliers of bearings, belts, chain, pulleys, sprockets, motors, spill control, aerosols, lubrication, workwear and more. We are constantly adding new products to our web store but we do not list our entire range of stock online. If we don't have what you need online call or email us directly and one of the team will be able to help.

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