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A Global Leader in Motion Solutions

JTEKT, formerly known as Koyo, is a global leader in engineering and manufacturing. It employs over 50,000 people across 150 subsidiaries in 30 countries and keeps the world moving with its innovative products.

What Do They Offer?

Ball Bearing Units

These innovative units are all about convenience and reliability. They integrate a sealed ball bearing with housing, eliminating the need for separate components and complex assembly. The self-aligning design automatically adjusts for slight misalignments during installation or operation, preventing bearing damage and ensuring smooth performance. Plus, Koyo / JTEKT ball-bearing units come pre-lubricated for immediate use. Some models even boast a re-lubrication option, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.

With their high accuracy, load resistance, and user-friendly design, these units are a great choice for various applications.

Ball Bearings

Koyo / JTEKT provides a comprehensive selection of metric ball bearings, which are renowned for their smooth and efficient operation. These bearings cater to a wide range of industrial applications demanding precision. They come in various sizes to match specific metric dimension requirements.

Notably, Koyo / JTEKT offers both bearings specialising in high accuracy and speed (angular contact) alongside self-aligning, pre-lubricated units for a more convenient user experience.

Insert Bearings

Koyo / JTEKT’s insert bearings blend high precision with user-friendly features. These pre-lubricated deep groove ball bearings come housed in a variety of styles for effortless installation.

They boast self-alignment to handle minor misalignments during setup, and many even allow for re-greasing to extend their operational life.

Needle Roller Bearings

Koyo / JTEKT offers a problem-solving option for applications with tight spaces and demanding loads: needle roller bearings. These bearings excel in scenarios where size is a limitation.

Their compact design boasts a minimal cross-section compared to other roller bearings, allowing them to handle high load capacity at moderate speeds.

Taper Roller Bearings

Built for strength, Koyo / JTEKT taper roller bearings excel under heavy radial and impact loads. Their unique tapered design boasts a single contact point that efficiently transmits these forces, making them

the go-to choice for demanding applications across numerous industries.

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