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Pneumatic & Vacuum

Control compressed air and create efficient vacuum for diverse industrial applications. Signet offers a wide range of pneumatic components, including cylinders, valves, regulators, and fittings, alongside vacuum pumps, gauges, and accessories. Whether you need precise air control or powerful vacuum technology, Signet has the solutions to meet your specific needs and optimise your industrial processes.

Air Boosters

Signet provides air boosters to amplify existing compressed air pressure within your pneumatic systems. These solutions are ideal for applications requiring higher force than your standard air supply can deliver. Choose from various models to find the perfect booster for your specific pressure and flow requirements.

Air Preparation

Ensure clean, dry, and regulated air with Signet's air preparation solutions, including filters, regulators, and lubricators. Increase compressed air force when needed with air boosters. Monitor critical system parameters with temperature & pressure switches, and optimize flow with flow switches.

Cartridge & Roundline Cylinders

Signet offers a comprehensive selection of cartridge and roundline cylinders to provide linear motion within your pneumatic systems. Choose from a variety of bore sizes, strokes, and mounting options to find the perfect cylinder for your specific application needs. These versatile and reliable actuators ensure efficient and precise movement in your pneumatic setups.

Compact Cylinders & Accessories

Signet offers space-saving solutions for your pneumatic systems with compact cylinders and accessories. Choose from a variety of cylinder sizes and strokes to achieve the precise linear motion you need. Signet also provides essential accessories like guide units for smooth operation, mounting options for secure installation, and flow control valves for fine-tuning speed.

Grippers & Drives

Signet's selection of grippers and drives includes versatile grippers for securely grasping objects and linear actuators for efficient movement. Choose from parallel, angled, and single-acting grippers to perfectly suit your application, and rely on Signet's drives for powerful performance.

IS0 15552 Cylinders & Accessories

Ensure compatibility and efficient operation within your pneumatic systems with Signet's selection of ISO 15552 cylinders and accessories. These industry-standard cylinders offer a variety of bore sizes, strokes, and mounting options to suit your diverse application needs. Signet also provides essential accessories like seal kits for maintenance and repair.

ISO 6432 Cylinders & Accessories

Signet offers a comprehensive range of ISO 6432 cylinders and accessories for reliable and efficient linear motion in your pneumatic systems. These industry-standard cylinders come in various bore sizes, strokes, and mounting options to perfectly match your specific application needs. Signet also provides essential accessories like lock nuts, seals, and rod end options for complete cylinder solutions. 

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Logic, Specialist & ISO Mount Valves

Signet's selection includes logic valves for complex operations, specialist valves for specific needs like flow control, and ISO mount valves for easy integration. Choose from various sizes and functionalities to optimise airflow, ensure precise control, and achieve reliable performance within your pneumatic systems.

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Manual & Mechanical Valves

Signet offers a variety of manual and mechanical valves for direct and reliable control of airflow within your pneumatic systems. This category includes hand levers, foot pedals, and solenoid-operated valves, providing options for various actuation methods. 

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Pilot Valves

Signet's pilot valves utilise a small control signal to activate larger pneumatic valves, offering efficient control and power amplification within your pneumatic systems. Choose from various configurations like 2-port, 3-port, and solenoid-pilot options to precisely manage airflow based on your specific application needs.

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Solenoid Valves

Signet's solenoid valves offer precise and efficient pneumatic control using electrical signals. These versatile valves open and close air flow paths based on an electrical current, enabling automated operation and integration with control systems within your pneumatic setups.  

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Suction Cup Fittings

Signet offers a comprehensive range of suction cup fittings for secure and reliable attachment of suction cups to various surfaces within your vacuum systems. These fittings come in various sizes and thread types to ensure compatibility with your specific suction cups and equipment. 

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Suction Cups

Signet provides a wide range of suction cups for efficient and secure handling of objects in your vacuum applications. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit the object you're gripping and the specific requirements of your vacuum system. 

Vacuum Filters

Signet offers essential vacuum filters to protect your vacuum equipment and optimise performance. These filters remove dust, debris, and contaminants from the air stream, preventing damage to your vacuum pump and ensuring efficient operation. Choose from various filter types and micron ratings to match your specific application needs. 

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Vacuum Pumps

Signet provides a comprehensive selection of vacuum pumps to generate the suction required for various industrial processes. Choose from different pump technologies like rotary vane, claw, and piston vacuum pumps to find the solution for your specific application needs. Signet's vacuum pumps offer reliable performance and efficient air removal for diverse vacuum operations. 

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