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Ball Bearing Units

Discover a diverse selection of bearing units tailored to meet the demands of various applications. Our bearing units combine precision bearings with efficient housing, providing a compact and reliable solution for diverse machinery.

Cartridge Type Units

The cartridge type unit, moving in axial direction, is used as the bearing for free side when a shaft is expanded or contracted. The cylindrical outside surface and the automatic aligning mechanism allow handling similar to standard automatic aligning type bearing. These self-contained units combine a deep groove ball bearing with a pre-aligned housing for simplified installation. Ideal for applications requiring easy mounting and minimal maintenance, cartridge type units offer smooth operation and reliable performance in various industrial settings. 

Pillow Block Units

Optimise bearing support and alignment with Signet's pillow block units. These versatile units feature a ball bearing insert housed within a pillow-shaped block, offering a robust solution for supporting rotating shafts. Easy to mount and re-lubricate, pillow block units are ideal for various industrial applications where efficient shaft rotation and reliable bearing performance are essential.

Square Flanged Units

Secure reliable shaft support with Signet's square flanged units. These robust bearing units feature a deep groove ball bearing housed within a square-flanged seating. The flanged design allows for easy and secure mounting onto flat surfaces, making them ideal for applications requiring stable shaft positioning and smooth rotation. Commonly used in conveyor systems, gearboxes, and other industrial machinery, Signet's square flanged units provide a dependable solution for various demanding environments.

Take-Up Units

This unit allows angle adjustment with a supporting point of the shaft centre by moving the housing in radial direction along the slide groove.

Applications: Belt conveyor

If a unit with the bore size you require is not showing in stock, the chances are we can make it for you. The bearings and housings are all interchangeable so it’s highly likely we can ship the combination you require SAME DAY!

Feel free to call us on 0845 124 7344 or email us on to check. 

Round Flanged Type with Spigot Joint Units

Experience seamless integration and steadfast support with our Round Spigot Units. Crafted for precision and reliability, these units feature a versatile round spigot design, facilitating easy installation and dependable performance. Engineered to meet the demands of various applications, from machinery to structural components, our Round Spigot Units ensure a secure and efficient connection. Elevate your projects with the precision and stability offered by these purpose-built units, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Three Bolt Flanged Units

Elevate your machinery's stability with our Three Bolt Flanged Units. Thoughtfully designed for precision and resilience, these units feature a three-bolt flange configuration, providing robust support and ease of installation. Tailored to seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, from industrial equipment to structural components, our Three Bolt Flanged Units ensure a secure and efficient connection. Trust in the meticulous engineering of these units to enhance the reliability and longevity of your projects. Step into enhanced functionality with our Three Bolt Flanged Units, setting a benchmark for quality and durability.

Adjustable Rhombic Flange Units

This rhombic-flanged type unit allows angle adjustment with a supporting point as the shaft centre. Therefore, when the bearing unit is installed, fine adjustment of supporting location for the shaft centre is enabled. Since the pitches of the centre of mounting bolt holes on the housing are the same as those of the square-flanged type unit and rhombic-flanged type unit, they are compatible. The housing can be installed to machines with two bolts.

Oval Flange Type Units

Discover optimal versatility and reliability with our Oval Flange Type Units. Engineered with precision and adaptability in mind, these units feature a rhombic design, offering a balanced combination of strength and flexibility. Ideal for various applications, from machinery to structural components, our Oval Flange Type Units ensure a dependable connection and straightforward installation. Trust in the resilience and precision craftsmanship of these units to enhance the performance and longevity of your projects. Elevate your equipment with the superior functionality of our Oval Flange Type Units, setting a standard for durability in medium-duty applications


Explore a curated selection of supplementary components designed to elevate the functionality and adaptability of bearing units.


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