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Ball Bearings

These bearings find utility in a wide range of sectors, from manufacturing to automotive, ensuring reliable load support and efficient performance. Trusted by professionals across industries, our ball bearings guarantee smooth operation under diverse conditions.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Versatile bearings optimised for combined radial and axial loads, ideal for precise positioning in various applications including machinery and automotive systems.

Duplex Ball Bearings

Eliminate vibration and achieve a higher load capacity with duplex ball bearings!

Duplex Bearings, otherwise known as 'Four Point Angular Contact' Ball Bearings belong the angular contact ball bearing family. Duplex bearings are different from 7 series single row bearings in that they can accept thrust loads along both axes as well as limited radial loads. Duplex bearings have a contact angle of 35° and a split inner race to allow for the maximum number of rolling elements. Having a split inner race these bearings are separable which facilitates mounting as the outer race (along with cage and ball set) and the inner rings can all be mounted separately.

Metric Ball Bearings

From manufacturing to automotive sectors, these bearings ensure efficient load handling and reliable performance. Count on the trust of professionals across industries, as our metric ball bearings guarantee smooth operation. 

Precision ball bearings

Crafted with meticulous precision, these bearings excel in delivering exceptionally accurate rotational performance, making them indispensable in demanding applications such as aerospace, medical equipment, and high-speed machinery.

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Designed for versatility, these bearings accommodate misalignment, enabling smooth operation in applications where shaft deflection or misalignment may occur. Widely used in industries such as mining, paper mills, and heavy machinery for their ability to adapt to varying conditions.

Specialist Ball Bearings

Crafted to meet specific demands, these bearings are optimised for niche applications, providing tailored solutions for industries spanning aerospace, automotive, and beyond.

Thrust Ball Bearing

Engineered for axial load transmission, these bearings are designed to handle heavy thrust loads in one direction. Widely utilised in applications such as automotive transmissions, industrial gearboxes, and machine tools for their ability to support high axial forces efficiently.


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