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TYGRIS, a name synonymous with excellence in industrial maintenance solutions.

The TYGRIS brand represents a commitment to quality and innovation in lubrication, cleaning, and maintenance products. From penetrating oils to degreasers, each TYGRIS product is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance, extending the lifespan of your machinery and equipment.

TYGRIS Autogreasers

The TYGRIS range of automatic lubrication systems are a prime example of TYGRIS' commitment to consistent and precise grease delivery. Eliminate the need for manual intervention, and invest in TYGRIS auto greasers to prolong the life cycle of your machinery and equipment. 

TYGRIS Cleaning & Maintaining

Maintain clean, germ free surfaces with TYGRIS. TYGRIS cleaning sprays gaurantee the right solution for your specific needs and are designed to ensure professional results without strenuous effort. Find the solution for you, whether you're in retail, agriculture, or in the service industry. Discover our full range of TYGRIS cleaning sprays below.

TYGRIS Degreasers

Signet is a proud distributor of TYGRIS Degreasers. Tough on grime and grease, our diverse range of TYGRIS degreasers effortlessly removes oil, grease and tar from engines, compressors, generators or other mechanical components. Simplify degreasing tasks today and check out the full product range below.

TYGRIS Food Safe Sprays

TYGRIS food safe sprays save you time and effort when you need it most. In the world of food processing, timing is crucial. With TYGRIS' range of PROTEAN food safe aerosols, you can have access to anti-rust agents or sticky label removers to streamline various processes. Available in convenient aerosol format to simplify your options, discover food safe sprays stocked at Signet today.


Signet are proud distributors of TYGRIS industrial grease lubricants. Provide superior lubrication and corrosion protection for your metal components with TYGRIS grease lubricants. Discover top performers from TYGRIS as well as extreme temperature greases made to delivery outstanding results in demanding conditions.


Our extensive range of TYGRIS paints and markers gaurantee precision and durability in diverse applications. At Signet we are proud distibutors of TYGRIS products, from high quality spray paints for surface preparation to line markers to produce clear and lasting markings. Explore the full range of TYGRIS products below and find the perfect solution for your industrial coating and marking needs.

TYGRIS Plastic Moulding Sprays

Our range of TYGRIS plastic moulding sprays has been meticulously curated to elevate industrial moulding processes. Protect moulds and tooling from corrosion during storage, ensuring longevity and reducing scrapped mouldings. Discover solutions to remove stubborn deposits on injection moulds and metal components with TYGRIS plastic moulding sprays. Shop the full range below.

TYGRIS Sanitisers

Eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses with TYGRIS' range of sanising aerosol sprays. TYGRIS have formulated the DEFENCE+ line of sanitisers to combat germs and provide long lasting protection to ensure that hired footwear, surfaces, and working environments are maintained to a high standard of hygeine. Discover the full range of sanising aerosol sprays below.

TYGRIS Spray Lubricants

For effective component degreasing and lubrication, look no further than our range of TYGRIS spray lubricants. Ensure optimal safety and reliable operations across a variety of applications. Ensure superior performance with our collection of TYGRIS products, shop the full range below.


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