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At Signet Industrial Distribution Ltd we understand that correct lubrication can deliver great efficiency enhancements through increased application lifecycles and reduced maintenance downtime. Whatever your requirement, from the most basic machine oil to extreme load, high temperature bearing grease we have the product for you. Our foremost lubrication partner, Exol Lubricants is the largest independent lubricants company in the UK. They manufacture and supply a vast range of lubricants and associated products to all industries including agriculture, transport, engineering, automotive and garage sectors.

We can supply the full suite of Industrial lubrication products as follows;

Hydraulic Oils - Gear Oils - Machine & Slideway Oils - Multi-Functional Oils - Compressor Oils - Turbine Oils - Soluble Cutting & Grinding Fluids - Neat Cutting & Grinding Oils - Forming Oils - Greases - Ancillary Products 

Gear Oils

Explore top-grade gear oils for heavy-duty machinery at Signet Industrial. Our gear oils, including trusted brands like Exol, offer superior lubrication and corrosion resistance, ensuring smooth operation in extreme conditions. Find the perfect solution for your gear systems today.

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Hydraulic Oils

Experience peak hydraulic performance with Signet's premium hydraulic oils. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, our hydraulic oils provide excellent wear protection and thermal stability, guaranteeing efficient equipment operation. Trust in our selection, featuring renowned brands like Exol, for optimal performance.

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Machine Oils

Keep your industrial machinery running smoothly with our quality machine oils. Our machine oils, including top brands like Exol, deliver exceptional lubrication and resistance to wear, ensuring prolonged equipment life. Explore our range for reliable lubrication solutions tailored to your needs.

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Oil Analysis Equipment

These tools play a pivotal role in monitoring oil quality, identifying contaminants, and ensuring optimal performance. From manufacturing to heavy machinery, our oil analysis equipment guarantees efficient maintenance practices, minimising downtime and enhancing equipment longevity. 

Pneumatic Oils

These oils play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operation, reducing friction, and maintaining efficient functionality. From manufacturing to automotive sectors, our pneumatic oils guarantee reliable lubrication, contributing to the longevity of pneumatic equipment.

Specialty Oils

Discover specialised lubrication solutions at Signet Industrial Distribution for unique industrial applications. Our specialty oils, featuring trusted brands like Exol, offer superior protection and performance in extreme environments. From food processing to marine applications, find the ideal solution for your specialized needs.

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Automotive Oils

Explore a range of oils meticulously formulated for superior performance in vehicles. These oils play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient engine operation, reducing friction, and maintaining optimal performance. From passenger cars to heavy-duty vehicles, our automotive oils guarantee reliable lubrication and protection against wear.


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