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Safety Signs, Smoke & Fire Detection

Explore our extensive collection of safety signs and smoke and fire detection systems designed to enhance workplace safety. Our range includes a diverse array of high-quality safety signs that communicate crucial information clearly and effectively. From hazard warnings to emergency exits, our signs are crafted to meet industrial standards and ensure compliance.

Safety, Warning & Barrier Tapes

Utilize hazard warning tape to effectively signal and avert potential dangers, making it an ideal safety measure in workplaces. Specifically designed for highlighting hazards, this tape acts as a visual cue to prevent accidents. Meanwhile, anti-slip tapes, when applied to floors, provide an excellent solution for enhancing safety on stair nosing, walkways, ramps, and other high-traffic areas. These tapes offer a practical approach to reducing the risk of slips and falls, contributing to a secure environment. Whether in a workplace or public space, the combined use of hazard warning tape and anti-slip tape ensures a proactive strategy for promoting safety and preventing accidents.

Safety Tags

Effectively manage ladder and scaffolding safety and compliance with WAHR (Work at Height Regulations) 2005 using our ladder tags and scaffolding tags. Facilitate identification, track maintenance, and ensure safety checks in accordance with regulations. Daily inspections, part of a comprehensive risk assessment program, help identify wear, tear, faults, and damage, reducing the risk of falls liable to cause personal injury. Elevate workplace safety with our tagging solutions for efficient and regulatory-compliant ladder and scaffolding management.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Select from a variety of fire, heat, and carbon monoxide alert systems tailored to safeguard distinct areas within homes, buildings, or workplaces.

Fire Extinguishers

Safeguard your domestic or commercial space with the rapid fire-quenching capabilities of our diverse range of fire extinguishers. An indispensable addition to any environment, these extinguishers swiftly tackle fires before they escalate. Our selection encompasses various types tailored for Class A, B, or C fires, addressing solid materials, gases, and flammable liquids. Effectively combat fires with ease, choosing from a variety of volumes and sizes to suit your specific needs. Ensure peace of mind by having the right fire extinguisher on hand to protect against potential hazards, offering a quick and efficient response to fire emergencies.


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