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Discover a comprehensive range of industrial knives, including utility knives, trimming knives, craft knives, and more. Our collection is tailored to meet the diverse cutting needs of professionals in various industries. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, or crafting, our knives are designed for precision and durability. From heavy-duty tasks to intricate projects, our selection ensures reliability in every cut. 

Cable Knives

Tackle electrical jobs safely with our selection of cable knives. These specialised tools are designed for precise cutting of electrical cables and wires, making them essential for electricians and contractors.

Craft Knives & Blades

Keep precision in your workshop. Signet's industrial-grade craft knives and blades deliver exceptional control for detailed cutting tasks. Ideal for professionals and demanding applications, they ensure clean results you can rely on.

Hacking Knives

Make tough cuts with ease. Signet's hacking knives are designed for heavy-duty applications, tackling thick materials like branches, rope, and cable with power and control. Perfect for industrial users, landscapers, and anyone needing a robust knife for demanding jobs.

Pocket Knives

Streamline on-site operations with Signet's industrial-grade pocket knives. Built for durability and performance, these knives provide essential cutting functionality for professionals across various trades. From stripping wires to opening packaging or making quick cuts on the job, Signet equips you with the reliable pocket knife you need.

Safety Knives

Minimise workplace injuries with Signet's safety knives. Designed for controlled cutting while prioritising user protection, these knives are ideal for industrial environments, warehouses, and production lines.

Shoe Knives

Secure on-site safety and efficiency with Signet's selection of industrial shoe knives. Designed for easy access and secure carrying, these knives allow for quick cutting of materials like strapping, rope, and sacks – ideal for professionals in construction, warehousing, and other demanding industries.

Snap-Off Knives & Blades

Maintain cutting efficiency throughout your workday with Signet's snap-off knives and blades. These knives offer a cost-effective solution for industrial applications, featuring replaceable blades that snap off when dull, minimising downtime and ensuring a consistently sharp cutting edge – perfect for production lines, workshops, and other fast-paced environments.

Specialist Knives

This range caters to specific industry needs, offering a variety of blade profiles and functionalities for tackling unique materials and applications. Contracotrs and industrial professionals can find cable knives for precise wire cuts, while construction workers benefit from heavy-duty blades for cutting through thick materials. Signet equips you with the right specialist knife to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Trimming Knives

Achieve clean, controlled cuts in your industrial applications with Signet's trimming knives. Designed for precision and maneuverability, these knives are ideal for tasks like trimming materials, removing excess flashing, or scoring surfaces in production lines, workshops, and other demanding environments. 


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